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Medium Jug, hand thrown and hand painted by Paula Gray in Lizard, Cornwall.

Available in Cobalt Blue, Cornish Blue, Turquoise, Salt Red & Sea Green.

Paula Gray lives and works on the Lizard. She hand throws all of her work in the pottery, and each piece is hand painted using her ‘sea washed’ glazes, then fired twice to create distinctly Cornish tableware. The whiteness of the clay body comes exclusively from Cornish kaolin, extracted from St Austell in Cornwall, the only deposit of kaolin in the UK. Inspired by the shapes and colours of lighthouses, fishing buoys and coastal villages, Paula’s work is infused with the colour and vitality of Cornwall.

Size: 11cm x 6.5cm

Material: Cornish kaolin

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Turquoise, Blue & Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Cornish Blue, Salt Red, Sea Green, Turquoise & Yellow

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